Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playdate with Evan

So my old boss Caroline Holt watched Bella for me yesterday since she was out of school for Presidents Day. They had a ball! Well, at least Bella did. She was sooo obsessed with Evan's little sister Susanna who is less than 10 months old, that she somewhat forgot anyone else existed! Kind of hurt Evan's feelings a bit.
They played, read books, ran outside, and Bella of course followed Susanna around the house trying to pick her up every second. Then she got a crash course in breastfeeding when Caroline went to feed Susanna. Bella had never really seen that before, so when we got home and got ready for her to sleep, she asked if Mommy could feed her like that! Quite an interesting scene here at the Allred house in Del Ray. I had to explain to her that I could not and would not do that. Then she asked me if I did when she was a baby, and talk about a hard explanation there! "Well honey, mommy was on a lot of drugs so no she couldn't do that." Bella left the conversation and drifted off to sleep with nothing but a puzzled look on her face. Who knows what she was thinking!