Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday March 7th 2011

Today I picked Bella up and we listened to Alabama on the way home from school. When we got home, she wanted to bring in the CD and dance to it. So we did... Very cute. Dancing around our little house to Dixieland Delight. She kept saying... "mommy can you do this?" and she would hop on one leg.... Or "Mommy can you do that?" and do a Michael Jackson looking move. It was great! Then we had the most random dinner. Couscous, veggies, and she insisted on instant Gritts. Ha! I threw in some fruit to make it healthier. She is growing by the minute. It is so hard to believe how big she is, and all she wants to do is eat!
I love her so much, she is my "miracle baby."

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