Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bella a working girl

Ok, so my day started off pretty bad, as I rolled into work and realized, "oh no! where is my computer?" When I didn't see it in my car on the way in, I thought for sure I had left it at work. But after searching for it in the office, it was nowhere to be found.
So I then drove back home to look for it, only to find it behind Bella's bedroom door! And then it dawned on me. She had been playing "work" last night while I was fixing dinner. She likes to take my work badge, and get her purse and pretend she is going to work. She makes me pretend like I am crying as she drops me off at school. Ha!
But she took it a step further this time, and actually somehow managed to pick up my laptop and drag it into her room to play and I found it hidden behind her door! Two hours of my morning were spent searching for it! The good thing, is that she is getting practice being a responsible working woman. What else could a mom ask for?

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