Monday, October 4, 2010

My sweet girl-sick again!

I am home with Bella today because she has a bit of a cold.... You know, the sneezing, coughing, runny nose that she likes to wipe with her sleeve! She is excited though about being sick... why? Well 1. She gets to stay home with Mommy and not go to school 2. I have told her that when she is sick, that is the only time she can sleep in mommy's bed now that she is a big girl. So, where is she now? Yes, in mommy's bed, snoring up a storm. Despite being sick, I have loved the excitement I have seen today from her. I wish I could see the bright side of things when times are tough like she does. Today, we went to Target to get cough drops, tissues, and toothpaste, and when she stumbled upon all of the Halloween decorations and costumes, her face lit up. She put a witch hat on, which of course flopped over her face, and announced to the entire store that she was going to be a witch for halloween and starts cackling like a witch. I am so glad I got to experience the joy she has brought me today on such an icky, rainy day at home with who you would think would be a whiny, grumpy girl. She is the best!

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  1. Caroline - thank you for sharing this blog with me - and I love the profile photo! I hope Bella feels better soon. I definitely think she is right that it is a great kind of day for her to be home sick with Mommy. :)
    PS. I love the book - just the first chapter has already changed things around here. By the way, this is Lisa, not Violet of course which is my goodle url for our blog.