Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend

Bella and I had an amazing weekend! Yesterday we had a playdate with Paolo and Ro, went to a pizza shop in Old Town and then to "Hooray for Books" on King Street. That is one of Bella and I's favorite spots to go! Then today was awesome as well. We spent some good quality time chasing eachother around the house this morning, playing dollhouse- you know, the usual. Then went for a bike ride in the overcast weather in Old Town. Yes-we actually rented a bike with a trailor and hopped on! It was a blast. Stopped at the candy store on the way back and Bella filled up her basket of candy.

Tonight was great-we met Charlotte her long time friend at Fort Ward park and ran around. What a nice weekend. We hugged a lot, told eachother we loved eachother, and just spent great quality time. I wouldn't trade a minute for the world.

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