Friday, April 15, 2011

I never feel like I see Bella enough. I miss her the minute she walks out the door to go with her dad. Last night, while we were laying in her bed, and I was literally rocking her to sleep (don't normally do that anymore but she fell yesterday and hurt her leg very bad so she was upset and couldn't sleep), she told me that she loved me so much. She told me she never wants to be away from me, and that when she is with daddy she misses me so much. She rubbed my face, like what I usually do to her.
She is so amazing. She is so soft, and gentle, and caring. I love her more than I can even explain.
In the news, I heard that a lady in New York, 25 years old, was so distressed in her relationship that she drove her four kids of a bridge and into the Hudson River. The oldest, the 10 year old survived, but the other three kids were killed. One was 11 months, 5, and 8. I can't stop thinking about it. When I heard it, i grabbed Bella and just held her. Children are so precious. I don't deserve to have such a wonderful amazing daughter. She just takes my breath away. I love her.

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