Saturday, December 18, 2010

7 More Days and Counting!

Bella is getting so excited about Santa coming. Tonight we made Christmas cookies and she wanted to go ahead and put them out for Santa because she thought that might mean he would come early. So cute! She couldn't keep her hands out of them either. Of course Mommy let her have two, and somehow she convinced me that it would be ok if she had a third, if it was small. I am such a sucker. We took a bath together and filled the water up pretty high and had fun blowing bubbles and putting our faces under the water. It was great. Then she wanted to break out the old "Pez" candy holder in the shape of Santa that Grandma Kathy got her. She was amazing at the fact that you could put the candy inside and pop Santa's head back and it would shoot out the candy. She put the Santa Pez dispenser on her shelf above her bed and said that "Santa was watching her" and if she was good he would have the elves put extra surprises in her angel advent calander. Hilarious.

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